Is it for you?

Becoming a B&B pig farmer is a simple process. We will advise you on shed set ups and any improvements needed to get you ready. We’re seeing more and more farms of all shapes and sizes converting cattle, dairy and poultry buildings to accommodate pigs.

Farm Diversity

Becoming a B&B pig farmer allows you to expand your current farming business, making use of unoccupied buildings throughout the year, with minimal risk to you. 


Becoming a B&B farmer can benefit you by providing a consistent flow of payments throughout the year. 

Fieldsman & Veterinary backup

We have experienced fieldsmen who will work with you and vets available to ensure pig welfare is maintained to the Red Tractor/Farm Assured standards.


Rich in potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, pig manure can help lower your costs on fertiliser as well as improving the health of your soil.

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